For my final project i decided to relate it to digital nature as I used my Iphone and digital camera to record the clips and final cut pro to edit them. My original idea involved remix culture. I had planned to record my journey to westfield and home and gather volunteers to remix my video and post it back to me. However, due many technical difficulties and time management, this was unable to happen. This idea was based on 'Man with a Camera'.

For my final piece i recorded my journey and back home and using Final Cut Pro, i edited the clips.

I think the clip i created was a success however, I could have made many improvements to this. As mentioned before, I could of had various re-edits of my video if i managed my time well. I think there are some parts of the film where could have been cut down a bit or could have been played faster as at some points i feel like the clip is being dragged on. I could of changed the size of the screen too and widen it.