I came across this form of displaying data which i found really interesting. It is a typographic book search which collects information from Amazon and presents the keyword you search made out of all the revelant books you are looking for. To get more information about a book you may be interested in, you just simply click on it and information will be presented.
Another one i found is called, 'We Feel Fine' which shows humans feelings calculated from a large number of weblogs.
There are six movements which you are able to navigate between. You are able to scroll over the particles and it should read out a feed/status someone has left on their weblog.
Each particle are different colours which all represent a feeling eg. happy = yellow etc.
This visual map represents the structure of a website. The creator of this idea has created various maps for various websites. Each colour of dots represents the different aspects of the site for example blue represents links, red represents table and purple represents image etc.
There are numerous of ways to visualize data, such as tables, bar and pie charts which are used everyday, However, designers have taken it a step further of making information more effective for the readers as shown in the examples below.